Nina blouse for spring

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Throughout the Nina Blouse blogtour so many beautiful pictures of it could be seen that I couldn’t resist buying the pattern. Call me a grateful victim of an advertising campaign – it inspired and really motivated me to start this project quite speedy, at least for my usual slow self.

While testing the pattern Rosentanz (see here for my example) I aquired a taste for woven fabrics so the Nina Blouse pattern hit my resolutions for this year dead on. I’ve had this batiste from Monaluna for nearly two years now and I think it fits quite nicely for a colorful spring outfit.

I sewed the blouse in size 3 with the Peter Pan collar and the regular cap sleeves. It is not that difficult to sew and I didn’t have much trouble with the English instructions. But I still spent a lot of time with unsewing when trying to neatly sewing in the armhole bindings (should rethink basting). I really love how neat the blouse looks from the inside and I think it was worth the effort.

Because I wanted to pull together blouse and trousers the idea to use the yellow piping (that I had planned to use for the trousers as well) for the cap sleeves came up. I could have sewn it around the collar as well but for my taste the collar can look a bit too big that way. In the end I really like how the yellow touch at the cap sleeves turned out. By the way, I swear I was ironing this blouse like mad but gave up on the creases. Obviously have to live with it …

Whereas in winter my little madame always wears a snow overall, in spring we are in need of sturdy trousers for the playground and climbing trees or wherever she can get up high. So I sewed a “Knopfbüx” (translates “Button-pants”) out of this gorgeous organic corduroy and sacrificed my very last pieces of green jeans-jersey from lillestoff. For a touch of color I used the same yellow piping as in the blouse and additionally made an appliqué in front (so maybe she puts on the trousers facing the right way in kindergarten). I’m so in love with this sweet little guy with the strange name “Öllas Dunnakeil” by tigapigs/paul&clara. The flowers this little friend brings should have looked different but as I used some color dots out of the fabric of the blouse I decided they were the perfect tulips …

This outfit is made out of organic fabrics from head to toe (except buttons and other notions), even the fabric of the lining and bindings.

I had a precise idea how the matching buttons for this outfit should look like. So I went to the best place you can go to in this case: “Knopferlmayer” has been in Salzburg for ages and the charming shop looks exactly like this. Small space, lots and lots of wooden drawers. The friendly saleslady found the perfect buttons with her first pick into one of the drawers.

Blessed with warm weather on Good Friday I took the pictures in my parents garden where it’s a child’s heaven for picking flowers and finding birds nests, climbing and running around. A little later my little madame was allowed to paint eggs for Easter in Grandmas kitchen. I realized only later how that fits the Haiku that is written on the selvage of the blouses’ fabric: “small strokes blend colors | as my brush paints in silence | on my open mind”.

Zusammenfassung Stoffe und Schnitt:

Schnitte: Nina Blouse von Coffee+Thread, Knopfbüx von lumali

Stoffe: Bio-Batist “Brush Lawn” Haiku von Monaluna, (GOTS-zertifiziert), Stretch-Genuacord schlamm 98 % Bio-Baumwolle und 2 % Elasthan (kbA, hergestellt in Deutschland) und grüner Jeansjersey von Lillestoff. Batist und Jeansjersey gekauft bei Eulenmeisterei, Cord (und Voile “bridal rose” für das Futter) bei

Applikation: “Öllas Dunnakeil”, Applikationsvorlage von Paul & Clara, Design von Tigapigs

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