Pink Sparrow

Since sewitcurly told about Nuppu Print Company, I fell in love with the elegant flower prints. Once and again I visited their website but just couldn’t decide on a which of the beautiful fabrics to buy besides the relatively high delivery costs.

But then in beginning of September there was a Night of the Fabrics, where a lot of small scandinavian fabric companys made a nice fabric event together. Worked for me: I finally placed my order at Nuppu and amongst others I got this smooth organic jersey with a nice drape, called »Varpunen«, which translates to sparrow.

When there is that much to see on a fabric I prefer a simple pattern to go with. And as I really wanted to make sure my little Madame would love to wear whatever I made out of this beauty it was supposed to be a wide swinging dress and long sleeves to match the season. »Eslia« by Schnittgeflüster ticked all the boxes.

Good thing that I ordered enough fabric for once. Because if you want to place the pattern pieces without clipping wings or beheading the girl you need about 1.5 metres of fabric for size 110 – although there are still some bigger parts of the fabric left (and I’m sure to sew something for me out of them).

Eslia is actually a quick sew, but what can go wrong goes wrong: in this case the neckline drove me crazy: the first attempt with a nice elastic band was much too tight to get through, after cutting it off at my second attempt the twin needle wore the neckline completely out, the third attempt was at least not a complete disaster anymore, so for the time being I’ll live with it.

I hemmed the dress with bias tape which gives the hem a bit extra stand. The blue bias makes the inside look clean, and also when swirling around a bit of blue flashes out every now and then. I love this nice little finishing touches that make me smile every time.

Although sewed according to the size chart, it could be a bit tighter an the chest – on the other hand now it fits with a shirt underneath when its cooler and we both will certainly have some fun a long time with it: Madame twirling around, me watching her and the dress.

Pattern and fabric: Eslia from Schnittgeflüster, size 110, made from organic jersey »Varpunen« in pink from Nuppu Print Company (90 % organic cotton, 10 % elastane).

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