Autumn birds and sewing plans

Would you be so kind to ignore the dark rings under my eyes and my pale face. January could have treated me better. Being useless in mastering photoshop doesn’t help as well. Thank god this is not a beauty blog: Just have a look at this blouson. Or, even better, the fabric. Isn’t it beautiful? I really love the botanical print with white willow leaves, white and soft pink valeriana and a hint of purple heather – and some tiny birds …

This organic french terry by Nuppu Print Company is called »Syysmuutto« which is the Finnish word for autumn bird migration. I bought it last autumn at the Night of the Fabrics, along with the jersey for the favorite dress of my daughter. Unfortunately I could just get one meter of this french terry and desperately wanted to sew something with it for me that I would really love to wear a lot. After having a look through the self sewn pieces that I wore most the last years I settled on making a jacket and bought the blouson jacket by Leni pepunkt. You can see some patterns that often on instagram that you get tired of them but I still love these blousons, so here I go.

In my size 34/36 my precious one meter was just enough. I followed the instructions and didn’t alter anything besides changing from size 34 top down to 36 for the hips. For my small size the length is just right in my opinion – if you’re more than my 1,60 metres you might want to lengthen it a bit, preferably not at the hem but above the welt pockets, because it gets difficult to use the pockets when they are too high up. But the welt pockets give the blouson the perfect style so focussing on doing them accurate is really worth it!

The inner sides of the pockets and the facings are from blush pink scraps of my lotta-skirt. I really prefer using woven fabrics for these inside parts because they are thin and keep their shape. Before sewing in the facing I finished them with white bias binding which gives the inside a professional look that’s so worth the effort. I am pretty pleased with how the color combination of silver grey, green, pale pink and white – the rib knit by C. Pauli is appropriately called »ivy green«.

I already cut out the parts before Christmas, but just finished sewing it. So beautiful new blouson is the first finished piece of my personal make-nine-2020-list. I really admire those well-planned, hand-drawn make-nine-lists on instagram. So at the beginning of the year I thought about what my sewing-plans for this year would be. But then I desided, I don’t want to stick to predefined plans for my hobby. Professionally I have to plan ahead enough and stick to schedules, and also in everyday life my 2-do-list seams never ending. Still my fabric stash piles up and I have so many patterns I’ve been wanting to try for ages. So I wrote a list after all. Just in private, offline, in my sketchbook. It mainly lists fabrics I already own and combines them with matching patterns for garments I would like to add to my wardrobe. And for some of my plans I will even allow myself to buy new fabric, as for my next project: a self-made dirndl. But that’s a story for another day …

My little madame happened to wear her sparrow-dress when taking pictures and demanded to be on it as well so I proudly present: both of us with Nuppu fabrics.

Pattern and fabrics: BLOUSON.jacke by Leni pepunkt made from organic french terry »Syysmuutto« by Nuppu Print Company, organig rib knit by C. Pauli in »ivy green« and a gray zipper, bought at

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