It’s all about orange …

I have a (very) weak spot for neon orange: the Netherlands football team, orange furniture – call me crazy but even at our wedding there were orange flowers, napkins and an orange tie for my husband. So when I saw a picture on instagram from Ännisews with this fabric I was completely sold. Couple of days later Lotte Martens startet its online shop with free shipping to Austria, lucky me!

The package from Lotte Martens arrived exactly one day before my planned holiday-trip. You have to be a fabric-addict like me to understand the underlying tragedy. Back home my precious fabric choice was instantly sewn into a Holunder-Blouse I test-sewed for Firlefanz. Out of a lot of possible variants this pattern offers I chose pipings for the yoke and cuffs.

You can see it in the pictures: the fabric is a bit glossy, has a smooth touch and a relatively heavy quality which is easy to sew and fits perfectly for Holunder, which is designed even for jeans and cord fabrics. Best tipp for myself the next time I sew pipings: give more sew allowance so I can cut the yoke a bit afterwards.

The cuffs are definitely an eye-catcher, sewing them with the satin-bias-tape drove me nuts. Seriously I swore more sewing them than when driving a car and that’s something. When searching for fitting buttons I also found the neon thread and top-stiched the yoke with it (since than I’m thinking if I should do the pipings with it as well but am too lazy to unsew it …).

The skirt was an easy sew: just gathered at the top and sewed the elastic band (from Latte Martens as well) left on right on top, then hemmed with a twin needle. Unsurprisingly we have the color-fitting shoes as they are orange. (If you have a closer look on the picture above you can see that my little madame decided to wear two different shoes when we took the pictures.

I ordered a bit of the fabric for me as well and am searching for the perfect pattern for a nice blouse. I’m curious how it feels when worn as it has quite a high polyester-compound. Normally I just buy organic-cotton but nonetheless the handmade print and the Lotte Martens philosophy about local production, ecological inks and sustainability convinced me.

Zusammenfassung Stoffe und Schnitt:

Schnitt: “Holunder” von Firlefanz, in Größe 104 in Blusen-Länge mit abgerundetem Saum, gerafftem Unterteil und Ärmeln, Biesen und Mädchenmanschette

Das E-Book gibt es ab sofort bei Dohero und Makerist zum Einführungspreis von nur 5,85 € statt 6,90 € bis einschließlich Mittwoch Abend, 3.10.2018.

Stoffe: Polyester Viscose “Bromelia” von Lotte Martens, Gummiband ebenfalls von Lotte Martens, Stoff des Rocks von meiner Oma

Verlinkt bei CreadienstagDienstagsdinge

*I was given the pattern “Holunder” free of charge for testsewing it …

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